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By-laws & other stuff CCC#19 AGM minutes, board briefs, by-laws, declaration, information binder, and newsletters
Bus Stops Jackson Court Bus Stop locations, routes, and schedules. School Bus Routes
Condo Act & Regulations Self-extracting file containing unofficial versions of the Condominium Act, 1998 and related statutes and regulations (see Ontario e-Laws for official versions). Also see Nelligan O'Brien Payne, Condo Law Newsletters
Condo Links Links to other web sites with information related to Condominiums
Copyright Notice All material on this site, unless otherwise indicated, is the copyright of Malcolm Graham. All rights reserved.
Directors CCC#19 directors are elected during an Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Dispute Resolution Outlines the process for resolving conflicts between the CCC#19 Board and Owners
Information Binder CCC#19 Owner Information Binder (pdf version)
Kanata Links Links to web sites in the Kanata area of interest to Jackson Court owners
Maps Jackson Court, Kanata, Ontario, Canada. Jackson Court Site and Unit (ground & second floor) layouts
Officers CCC#19 officer responsibilities
Photographs Photographs around Jackson Court
Pool Use Survey Results of a survey conducted by the Board of Directors on the use of the Condo pool
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Shopping Mall Closest shopping mall
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