The President is elected from the elected Board of Directors; all other officers are appointed. Within CCC#19, all officers with the exception of the Property Manager, Auditor, and Attorney are appointed from among the elected Board of Directors.
Office Responsibility
President Chief executive officer responsible for the general supervision of all CCC#19 business. Signs all CCC#19 agreements with one other director, usually the Secretary. Supervises the Property Manager. When present, conducts and presides at all meetings.
Vice-President Assumes all the responsibilities of the President in the absence of the President. Performs other duties as prescribed by the board.
Secretary Responsible for issuing, or the initiation of, all notices to members, directors, auditors, mortgagees, and others. Records all meeting minutes. Custodian of all CCC#19 books, papers, records, and documents. May perform other duties as prescribed by the board.
Treasurer Keeps, or ensure that, full and accurate CCC#19 financial records are kept which includes all receipts and disbursements. Under board direction controls all CCC#19 deposits and investments. Prepares financial reports as required by the board. May perform other duties as prescribed by the board.
Manager Responsible for all property management and direction subject to board approval and supervision by the President and accordance with the provisions of the Condo Act & Regulations and the CCC#19 Declaration, By-laws, and Rules. Has authority to approve all maintenance and repair expenses up to a maximum of $500; must obtain written board approval for all expenses above $500. Current appointment: Scott Smith, Condomimium Management Group
Other As prescribed by the board including assistants to other officers.
Attorney As appointed by the board. Current appointment: Nelligan O'Brien Payne, Condominium Practice Group
Auditor As appointed by the board. Current appointment: Payne Foreman Kalli, Chartered Accountants

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