Jackson Court Pool Survey Results (July 2002)

THANK YOU for completing the questionnaire, it helps us meet our GOAL of making the pool as enjoyable as possible for everyone and also to maximize its use. Please add this info to your Jackson Court infobinder.

Note: 41 out of 70 surveys were returned, some questions not answered.

  1. Identification of residents: 28 in favour, 7 against the implementation of an ID system. Cost: Last year’s figure was approx. $600. We will get an update on that figure. The question is whether the cost matches the magnitude of the problem. To answer that properly we will give the lifeguards a list of residents, complete with names of children so they can verify information. At the end of the season we will be able to draw a conclusion from “intruder” records kept.
  2. Pool Use by # of people: According to the survey, a total of 95 people actively use the pool.
  3. Pool Use by times/week: The numbers tell us that on average those people swim 4.3 times per week. However the math does not support the reality, so we will use the facts: “Overflow” of people in the poolarea has in the past only happened in the beginning of the season (end of June-first half of July) on very hot days; once or twice in a season.
  4. Safety: All children will be evaluated for swimming competence. Those able to swim two lengths without assistance will be allowed to visit the pool unsupervised by an adult. Those not meeting this requirement will need to be supervised by a competent swimmer 16 yrs of age or older. No more than 2 non-swimmers per supervisor. All children need to be covered by an emergency telephone # for the person(s) legally responsible. Please make sure the lifeguard has contact numbers.
  5. Adult (age 18+) swim time: 28 in favour, 8 not in favour. Most adults wanted this 3 times per week. Adult swim times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the last (opening) hour. (This seems the most practical time; adults get home from work at different times.) Participation will be tallied. Results will be evaluated to help with decision making next year. For instance: an alternative way of fulfilling people’s wishes/needs is to install lane ropes at any time (except aquafit) upon request in order to accommodate undisturbed lane swimming. Also, any students working on Bronze Medallion/Cross certification may be able to use this time to practice laps (endurance) if attendance is low.
  6. Aquafit: 20 adults want this program. 14 prefer twice/week and 6 chose once/ week. We have found a qualified instructor for Tuesdays between 6 and 7 pm except July 30th. Dates are July 16, 23 and August 6,13,20,27. Please forward cheques asap to the poolhouse payable to CCC #19 in the amount of $ 24. Deadline for sign up is Saturday July 12. Request: We need a volunteer to coordinate this program for next year. All info will be forwarded so you don’t have to start from scratch. This work needs to be done in the first week of June.
  7. Operating the pool without lifeguard: 11 responses were Yes and 26 responses No.
  8. # was omitted.
  9. # of guests permitted: Two guests: 12 in favour. Three guests: 7 in favour. Four guests: 12 in favour.
  10. Entrance to caregivers’ charges: Yes: 22. No:9.

Note: These last two issues depend on the willingness to be reasonable: In the event of overcrowding residents have rights before guests and children being cared for in our community. So when inviting non-residents please be aware that very hot days are more popular. Children have a right to bring one capable swimmer. Adults may invite more guests and are expected to accompany them to the pool and introduce them to the lifeguard. Please inform the lifeguard of the children’s swim level.

Other Issues raised by residents

  1. The 30 person rule relates to the max. # of people a lifeguard is allowed to supervise. The # of 66 relates to the size of the pool. We are still trying to get a more straightforward answer
  2. YES, the poolheater and the hotwatertank for the shower were fixed.
  3. A reminder to use special swimming diapers when needed.
  4. Pool use before opening time is not practical; the pool needs to be prepped.
  5. H2O is the company contracted to look after the pool. It was stressed with them that lifeguards from our own community get hired for Jackson Court.

We hope this settles the “confusion”.

Did you know Jackson Court has its very own website? Check it out at jacksoncourt.grahamfamily.ca

Best Regards from your Board of Directors

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